Frequently Asked Questions

Does the name "Subers" mean anything?

Yes! Subers is a collection of reverse rebus puzzles, and "rebus" spelled backwards is "suber". So a collection of them would naturally be called Subers! So, what is a reverse rebus puzzle? Well, with a rebus, you're given the images, in order, and need to determine what phrase they sound like when read. In Subers, you're given the phrase, and need to determine which of the images are used and how they're arranged.

Is Subers free?

Yes! Download Subers for free and enjoy the included Starter Pack. Group Play is also free.

Additional packs are available to purchase from within the game.

What devices can I play Subers on?

Any device running iOS 8.0 or later or Android 4.1 or later.

Can I join a Group Game remotely?

Yes. Although Subers is really intended to be played by co-located people, like card games and board games, it doesn't need to be. Each player just needs a network connection and some way to communicate with other players to get the game started.

Can I join a group game with randomly chosen opponents?

Subers is designed to be played with people you know. One player creates a new game, is provided a "game room number", and other players join using that number. So a group of players need to agree to play together.

I'm stuck on a Suber even with all the hints. What can I do?

You can always skip a Suber and come back to it later (from the in-game menu). If you're still stuck after coming back to it, you can ask for help from your friends with the Share button (also in the in-game menu).

I think I've solved a Suber, but the game isn't accepting it as the solution.

This could happen when a decoy is being used instead of the correct image. If you still feel that the game isn't accepting a valid solution, take a screen shot and send it to us at